See you soon

Many of you may have realized that this website has been very unstable. I am aware of that. I am working closely with my hosting company to move my web server to a newer and hopefully more stable one. The only tricky part is, it’s so new, it may have some issues of its own. But I was told that it’ll definitely be better than the server I’m on now.

Please be patient. This may take days, or weeks, and hopefully not months. I hope this message gets to you.

I hope to see you soon with a better and more stable server.

Introducing Words of DaBell page

After getting multiple suggestions from some listeners, I finally decided to pick up my lazy ass and put a log of all the words from “Word of DaBell” segment (previously known as Word of da Ding). You can find the link from the main site, and click on “Words of DaBell” page link on the right side bar.

Words of DaBell Page

DingDaBell #6 Exotic Food

:: download file :: listen on iPhone ::

We talked about exotic food this week and many more side topics, which means, many dings this week. We continue to answer your questions. Please continue to send in more questions. We will definitely get to all of them. But due to our recording schedules, everything is answered up to about a month a later. But we promise to get through all of them.


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