DingDaBell #115 MacCalahan

by | Oct 7, 2012 | DingDaBell | 6 comments

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Ding and DaBell recording at Las Vegas McCarran airport. We talked about nothing, but made each other laugh about everything. Hope you will enjoy.


  1. Graveetas

    Da Bell is bubbly not ditzy. Bubbly is happy & jovial. Ditzy is dumb & does not know any better. The Japanese slang would be bonkura or dabo.

  2. Norman

    Hi guys… I’m listening again so now you have 24. 🙂

  3. Norman

    my comment got cut off… meant to say so now you have 24 listeners!

  4. Ding

    Yay! Thank you!

  5. Ding

    Bubbly! Nice.

  6. Dabell

    Graveetas, thank you! Miss you!! It was sooo fun hanging out with you, Mark, John and all wonderful pride 48 podcasters and listeners!

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