DingDaBell #105 Princess DaBell

by | Feb 12, 2012 | Podcast | 3 comments

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DaBell explains why she was a Princess in her previous life. That itself is funny enough to listen!


  1. Bak Kua

    I can totlaly imagine DaBell dressed as a Princess and Ding as a Prince! Both lovely and charming!

  2. Mark in Canada

    I liked your discussion about revenge. What I’ve learned is that if I don’t actively and continuously forgive people (expecting nothing from them when they have wronged me) then I carry around that hatred around with me and it poisons my peace. I’ve learned that forgiveness is a gift to me and doesn’t really have much to do with them. By forgiving, I let go of the negativity and am able to be happy. I was not a happy, content person when I was still trying to settle old scores.

  3. Ding

    Thanks, Mark. I always think of it as a burning piece of coal. You gotta let go to not let it burn you more.

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