DingDaBell #99 Christmas Special & Circumcision

by | Dec 25, 2011 | Podcast | 3 comments

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Ding and DaBell present you with our Christmas special. Of course as holy as the Christmas season is, there’s no better time to talk about circumcision. Yes, you heard it right!


  1. Kevin / Taugeh

    lol… i really like Bell….. She soooooooooo cute 😛 really enjoy the show…. i really wonder how chinese n malay show look like… will it as crazy as thos or…. 😛

  2. Dabell

    Very fun show!!! We need to practice our singing, especially Dabell! Hahaha

  3. Graveetas

    I feel so dumb for not listening to that episode earlier. Da Bell’s voice is lovely like a lilly flower but shy. I think she was holding back her Mariah Carey. I love Ding’s singing, he could melt chocolate with that velvety voice. Yum! So sexy. OMG I don’t know why you two don’t karaoke on your show more often.

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