DingDaBell #82 High School

by | Dec 26, 2010 | Podcast | 4 comments

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A Christmas gift from Ding and DaBell. An episode that Ding was too busy/lazy to post from Semptember. We do hope to come back to you very soon. Thanks for your continuous support despote our lack of shows.


  1. Toppie Smellie

    What a wonderful Christmas stocking stuffer! Thanks Ding and DaBell. Miss you/love you!

  2. Graveetas

    What a new show?! When was this posted?! I missed you guys.

  3. Graveetas

    If I went to High School in Japan, I would have a ganguro style!

  4. Wiwiwawa

    we did the same thing john, I ran away from the ball……got once I kicked the ball into our team goal…… i kena marah badly……hahahaha

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