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by | Apr 5, 2010 | Podcast | 2 comments

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Catching up with our listeners. And being bitchy to each other. Toppie Smellie (from Smellcast) sent us a medley of our crazy laughters.

We’ll be participating in Pride48.com


  1. Toppie Smellie

    Hi Ding and DaBell — I laughed at the two of you laughing at the edited medley I made of you two laughing!!! But then, you guys never fail to make me LOL every time I listen. That is truly a gift. Humble thanks for all the attention you gave me — so sweet and much appreciated. Many hugs and love from your devoted listener, Toppie.

  2. Ding

    Thanks so much. And thank you for the birthday wish too.
    Glad we can rub off a bit of our insanity.

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