DingDaBell #62 Valentine

by | Feb 14, 2010 | Podcast | 4 comments

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Ding and DaBell discussed about Valentine’s Day and romance. Japanese Valentine’s Day and White Day.


  1. Pinoylicious Oliver

    HI JOHN!!! AND DABELL!!! Been out of touch for quite a while… This is pinoylicious Oliver of OrangeinaPod… I’ve been very busy with a lot of stuff, recently with my new creative venture… DOLLS!!!

    I’m thinking of making a DING and a DABELL doll and will send it to you guys… Because you always make me happy and of course because I love my friend JOHN!

    Keep it up guys, you make a lof of heart smile with your podcast. Even if i’m on hiatus in the podcasting world, i’m still around.. 🙂

    The Pinoylicious OLIVER!!!


  2. Wiwiwawa

    dabell really enjoy with the sound effect especially in previous episode….. i love to see her expression when she got surprise by the sound effect. Anyway…. maybe u also should try to do the word of penanghokkien… kinda fun…hahaha

  3. dabell

    Hello Pinoylicious,
    thanks for the comment! Wow! I can not wait to see Ding and Dabell dolls!
    SOOO CUTE! I wish I could be a crafty like you are:)
    We will have more fun shows!! more more more! again, thanks for the sweet comment!

    thank you for the comment! Hahaha, yes, I really really enjoyed the
    sound effect! I LOVE IT! Ding made it very nicely, so I am looking foward to
    recoding with Ding again!! Yeah, word of penanghokkien will be a fun but
    do I need to do it or ding should do it? heh heh

  4. Wiwiwawa

    why not u learn to speak hokkien n ding learn to speak japanese…wahhaha… should be fun….one episode one word….. kekeke

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