DingDaBell #59 Clean House

by | Jan 23, 2010 | Podcast | 3 comments

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Ding and DaBell discussed about house chores and home cleaning. Of course we have to go into cleaning bathrooms. How did penises come into our bathroom cleaning discussions? Well, you just have to listen and find out.


  1. pinoyboy

    Did you ever explain ‘countertop’ ?

  2. クレイジーゴット

    Hi, Clean House is the first episode I listened to in DingDaBell and I Loved It.. especially among John’s shows. I was listening to PGHK and the ‘other’ one for abit.. but I LIKE! this best. Keep it up and I will keep on listening.
    I like DaBell’s sexy husky voice too! lol Reminds me of a Japanese pop singer, Ai.

  3. Ding

    Thank you very much for your support! I’m sure Dabell will be delighted to read this comment.

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