DingDaBell #48 DaBell Learns to Tweet

by | Aug 13, 2009 | Podcast | 2 comments

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Ding and DaBell chatting at a coffee shop. Multiple Word of DaBell. Ding tried to teach DaBell how to use Twitter. Jumping in front of the coffee shop.

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DingDaBell Jump


  1. dabell

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahah!!! Sooo funny!
    Ding Jumped sooo high! We aim high!!!!!!!! I want to make our promotion poster with this photo! but who took this picture? Did we ask anybody????
    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! You put them together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOO GOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( seriously I laughed so loud ad scared myself! Thank god that I did not wake my husband up)

  2. Kenix Sok Yee

    haha. this is cute.

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