DingDaBell #43 Outdoor A-D-D

by | Jul 8, 2009 | Podcast | 3 comments

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Super A-D-D show. Ding met DaBell for dinner, and recorded a catch-up show in front of a family clinic.

DingDaBell #43 Outdoor A-D-D

Bird’s Nest movie:


  1. Gavin

    You now have 22 listeners. The sound quality was great using an Iphone. I love the show. Thanks for the chuckles.
    BTW, I think men look great in pink.

  2. Ding

    Thank you Gavin for being our 22nd listener.
    Did you learn about our show from Pride48.com?

  3. eri@NY

    I think guys look cute and sexy in pink shirts 🙂

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