DingDaBell #40 College Friends

by | Jun 4, 2009 | Podcast | 2 comments

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To make up for the late post this week, Ding and DaBell had a long chat about college friends and our language struggles.


  1. pinoyboy

    Great show you two. Peter and I read a blog called “What Japan Thinks”, which has fun survey results from Japan. Take a look from time to time, and you two may get some show ideas out of it.

    As for our question, we read a few of the surveys “Why people can’t say I’m a proper adult” and “Secrets to be kept from your Japanese girlfriend”.

    The results of both surveys lead us to wonder how Japanese adults mature or consider themselves as mature. Do Japanese people consider themselves as mature if they no longer rely on their parents for support?

    For example:
    1) Both men and women don’t want their girlfriend/boyfriend to find out they still call their parents Papa and Mama.
    2) Both men and women still get their parents to do their laundry.



  2. dabell

    Pinoy boy,
    great question. We will talk about it in our next show!
    I have a loot to talk, so it might be better than typing everthing in here:-D
    Thanks for being such a great supporter of our show!
    I m so excited to see you in Japan!!!! Can not wait!

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