DingDaBell #36v Cinderella, Go Get Chai Latté

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Even ordering a chai latte turned into a laughing episode.

3 thoughts on “DingDaBell #36v Cinderella, Go Get Chai Latté”

  1. LOL. That’s the famous sound effect I use for Penang Hokkien’s ghost stories.
    Thank you Vincent for your support. There’ll be a few more. We have to shoot more if you guys like the video.

  2. We want more cooking classes! How about some Malaysian food clases?

    Hope Tache is doing well. Ding, you made me cry when I listened to you talk about her on the Ongline podcast. I was crying and driving down the freeway. Usually I am crying happy tears because I am cracking up listening to you and DaBell but these were definitely tears of sadness.

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