DingDaBell #33 It’s Only You Need!

by | Apr 8, 2009 | Photos, Podcast | 4 comments

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Ding da Bell in the Bell

Complaining about other customers. Our teeth. Word of DaBell is back. Pictures of us in the bell. Hyper-A-D-D. Ding da Bell in Japan.


  1. dv

    DaBell, I know how you feel about commenting. I proofread four or five times, and I’m a native English speaker. If I were commenting in Japanese, I’d probably proofread ten or eleven times.

    Oh, and I cracked up when you dropped the F-word so suddenly.

  2. Chris

    Hey DaBell, in a few episodes back including this one you mentioned about being conscious of not having the perfect English or something like that. Being a non-native speaker I completely understand you but I must say that judging from my observation here in Japan, you are a lot better than so many Japanese I know. Many of my Japanese friends speak in staccato, disjointedly, pausing unnecessarily with added Japanese sound like “Toh”, “Mu”, “Su” here and there like your CoMuSu university. LOL. I wonder how English was taught generally in Japanese schools because I heard the problem was the education system and the teachers, not the students. Perhaps you could share with your opinion and suggestions to improve!

    So relax! You are good as it is and I am sure you will be better and better in no time. Hear from you guys soon!

  3. k in the southwest

    You are SO RIGHT!
    DingDaBell is only I need!


  4. Dabell

    dv: Thank you for your comment:-D Yeah, even thought when I write in Japanese,
    I proof read everything and find so many errors! In Japanese! Oh NO!!! My mother always says ” You need to use more Chinese Characters( Kanji ) in your writing! You are not a little kid anymore~” Hahaha

    Chris: Thanks for your comment:-D So, are you living in Japan now?
    Are you teaching English there or exchange student? Which part are you in? Tokyo? Osaka? Well, thank you again for your kind comment. I get good compliment when I talk to new people but I have never felt that I was a good speaker…( well sometimes I did.. hahaha) I am actually thinking to take a
    speech class or something to correct my pronunciation. BUT at the same time, English is a tool to communicate with people, so even though I have thick accent,
    I am still able to communicate with English speakers, so I guess accent should not matter. It will be great it I can get rid of all of my accent though… but if I do, then it wont be me anymore! Not fun!
    Funny thing is when we received some office supplies at where I work,
    the guy who delivered the supplies thought I was from NY! hahaha
    He said ” Are you from NY? You have the Eastern Accent!” So, I said ” hahaha, Nope, I am from over sea”.
    Well, when I was in school( in Japan), I learned English grammar and reading for 6 years. Our English teacher was sooo bad and I hated English so much. So I am so amazed that now I actually live in the States and having my Podcast Radio-show with Ding! I think Japan is trying to change the way of the education system and actually they are going to start to have English classes in Elementary school. So, they are currently accepting resumes from people who are interested in teaching kids.
    Man, if I were in Japan, I would have applied the job! I will be a fun and good teacher! Anyway, this will be a very long comment, so please send me an e mail to our dingdabell@gmail.com, so that we can have more in-dept conversation
    regarding English education of Japan:-D

    K in the southwest:
    Thank you again~, I hope to meet you someday!
    Would you like to come on our show as a guest?
    And we will try to have more cooking show:-D
    Do you have any good recipe which you can share with us?

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