DingDaBell #31 Dining Japanese

by | Mar 25, 2009 | Photos, Podcast | 11 comments

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We welcome you to sit on our dining table and eat with us. We talked about diet while we yeat (we always do that). Jobs. Why DaBell skipped gym. And a lot more.

Check out our food photos here:
Sashimi Plate


  1. pinboyboy

    Every Wednesday, DingDaBell.com is only you need.

  2. Ding

    Pinoyboy is only you need. Are you going to go to Japan?

  3. k in the southwest

    Are the pics of the food on flikr? Such a tease!

  4. Ding

    Oh my lord, I forgot to post the photos. I am uploading now. I will add the library link to this post. Thanks for reminding me, K. I’m so forgetful.

  5. k in the southwest

    “In the morning” would be correct. You could of course be “in mourning”, but that means something else altogether, meaning you are lamenting the loss or death of someone or something.
    “I’ll look forward to hearing from you”
    is a phrase common when leaving a phone message for someone else, quite common in business.
    I forget the other questions, but I’ll go back and listen.
    I loved the ambient sound of the restaurant – the music especially. But the bratty kids are annoying, aren’t they?


  6. k in the southwest

    I’ve worked in offices most of my life, and now I run my own. It’s good to ask what else you can do at the end of the day and things of that sort. But not every manager wants someone that’s TOO too much, you know? Just do your work, check it twice, do it well, and be polite. It’s hard for me to express this, but I hope you will know what I mean. It’s great to always be available and volunteer for extra work sometimes. But unless you know your boss likes a lot of flattery/toadyism (I’d have to talk to you in person to help you understand what that is…Ding will know?), just stick with a professional and polite attitude. You cannot fail! And don’t let that other work experience make you question yourself too much. I think you’re tops.
    Hope this helps…you rock, girlfriend!
    And more cooking shows, please


  7. pinboyboy

    I’ll go to Japan, invitation is only I need.

  8. dv

    Yes, you can only say “in the morning” rather than “in morning”, but as for the original question, you can say either “in summer” or “in the summer”. Americans in particular would usually say “in the summer”. “In summer” is correct, but sounds a little instructional in my mind.

    That tempura ice cream looks out-of-control…

  9. Ding

    Thank you all of you for your guidance.
    So nice to see so much activity on Ding da Bell’s website.

  10. k in the southwest

    Nice to hear all the great ‘casts, Ding! Keep them coming, please.

  11. Dabell

    K in the southwest,
    Thank you sooooooo much for your comment! And SOOO SORRY that it took me for a long time until I reply back to you.
    Yes, I am doing my best in the office and always polite with very positive attitude:-D
    I just can not wait to move up my level…. I am ready to take a bit bigger responsibility….. 😀 So, you run your own office? WOW!! What type of business, if you don’t mind? And thanks for listening and supporting our show!

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