5 thoughts on “DingDaBell #26 Now We Eat”

  1. Yum! That looks scrumptious. Keep these cooking vids coming. You two rock.
    daBell, you get prettier every time a video is posted! You will make a beautiful bride!

  2. awwww, K in the Southwest, Thank youuu
    someday, I will come over with Ding and cook some Japanese dishes for you!
    I am on super diet so that I can be a beautiful and gorgeous bride! We will put my
    wedding pic on the website! Thank you for your support always! We will record more
    fun shows for you!

    hahahaha, Steve! you are funny! So, you speak Japanese right?

  3. Dabell, sukoshi nihongo hanasemasu, demo mada jouzu ja arimasen!

    I actually got a lot better at listening to Japanese while I was in Japan, but I didn’t get to speak very much. I realised after that I really need to learn how to read a little, though the kanji is going to be really hard. I’m doing more of the spoken courses that Ding is doing too. But I loved Japan, and I’m hoping to make another trip sometime in the next year, as soon as convince my friends 🙂

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