DingDaBell #17v Tong Katsu

by | Dec 16, 2008 | Videos | 4 comments

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DaBell makes Tong Katsu.


  1. pinoyboy

    DaBell, you look really good! Did you lose weight since you were on video making dessert for OnglinePodcast?

  2. k in the southwest

    Thanks for fulfilling my request! These cooking episodes are just the best. And for the record, you two are the cutest and Not Fat chefs on the internet 🙂

    Keep these coming…I’m actually going to try to make this!

  3. Archerr

    WOW….you guys look great on video. I can’t wait to see part two!

  4. Ding

    PB, you just MADE her day… daysss.

    K, thank you so much for your support. Yes, I had you in mind when we did the cooking segment. And you’re so kind. Yes, more to come.

    ARcherr, you are too kind. I think DaBell looks great. I’m a little plump and eww.

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