DingDaBell #114 Live from Vegas 2012

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Live show from Pride48 a couple of week’s ago. If you didn’t have a chance to listen to the show, here’s your chance. It is so nice to have more live audience than our actual regular listeners! Do we still have 22 listeners?

Click on image for many more photos from Pride48 Las Vegas 2012.


DingDaBell #112 Jeremy’s Surprise

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Jeremy the listener sent Ding a video. Ding decided to surprise DaBell on the show.

Ding and DaBell prepares to go to Las Vegas in a few days. Please tune in and listen to us LIVE. Our show is on:

Sept 16. 6PM – 7PM (Pacific)

8PM – 9PM (Central)

9PM – 10PM (Eastern)

Sept 17. 9AM (Malaysian)

But listen to all the shows all weekend long. Special kickoff show starts on Friday afternoon.

Click here for everything about Pride48 Vegas.

DingDaBell #109 We Are Going to Pride48 2012

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Ding and DaBell announces that they are going to be doing a live show in Las Vegas with the all the lovely people of Pride48.com. Please come and join us for our live show, and meet us in person. We can hang out!

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