DingDaLoceng #17 Cuai

by | Mar 3, 2013 | DingDaLoceng | 2 comments

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Ding dan Loceng berbual tentang kecuaian mereka. Tahukah siapa yang jatuh dan iFon siapa yang hancur?


  1. rachel faith

    OMG both of u were so so funny !!!
    I laughed non-stop…from beginning to end, almost choked on my food many times !!
    Keep it up, am so going to introduce all my msian friends to look this up..

  2. Ding

    Rachel, terima kasih! Thanks for your comments. And please introduce it to all the Malaysians you know! I also enjoyed this show a lot. I’m listening to it again. Especially when Loceng’s cousin fell!

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