3 thoughts on “叮的鈴 #10 冷冻酸奶”

  1. The 2 brands I like here is Moo Cow and Tutti Frutti.
    Moo makes theirs with fresh milk.
    Tutt uses powder (from overseas). Can’t remember whether
    it’s Japan, Korea or Taiwan.
    Tutt is less creamy than Moo’s.
    I used to eat everyday. After 5 days, I LauSai!
    I go for original flavor as its less sweet.
    On average, I believe it’s less than 10% sugar.
    I’ve seen first timer spent more than RM30 on
    yogurt and toppings filling up the largest cup
    with yogurt then piled up the toppings!

  2. 听了过后,有冲动想要去吃。美国很便宜罢了!这里很贵。下次再去,一定要吃够本。

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