DingDaBell #88 Royal Wedding

by | May 31, 2011 | Podcast | 5 comments

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This episode is dedicated to one of our loveliest listeners, Herk! Thanks for your lovely messages. And we would probably have to have you on the show tell us about your paranormal experience.

This show we have an unplanned surprise guest, my brother! We talk about the royal wedding for Kate and William. Listen to what we have to say about the wedding.


  1. Herk Collins

    I can not tell you what an honor it is that you would dedicate a show to me. I am such a fan and I am thrilled that you would give me this honor. Thank you both so very much.

  2. Toppie Smellie

    I can’t TELL you how glad I am Ding and Da Bell are back! I sure wish I could be there live when they’re recording! How do you let your listeners know when this is going to be happening? Twitter? Facebook? Is it usually on a weekend? How can I anticipate when you will be recording? I don’t have a smart phone, so I probably won’t know even if you post something…
    Oh well!! I’d love to be there to hear it live, but as long as I get my episode of DingDaBell off Itunes, I am very, very happy! Luv you!

  3. Ding

    The pleasure is ours. We are hoping that in the very near future, we will have you on our show to talk about paranormal experiences of yours!

  4. Ding

    Toppie! Thanks for your love and support.
    Yes, we let people know via Twitter.
    If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still subscribe to us on your Twitter account, and select us to have SMS/text sent to your phone whenever we tweet. We don’t tweet that often. Then you’ll know.
    Typically it happens on Saturdays. But it varies depending on my work schedule.
    Hope to catch you next time! LIVE!

  5. Ding

    Maybe we can setup a date after the holidays to record with you.

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