DingDaBell #44 Juria Robots

by | Jul 15, 2009 | Podcast | 1 comment

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Our first LIVE show on http://Pride48.com. If you want catch us live, please follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/DingDaBell

Talking about our live show. Making coffee sent by Kichigai Mom from Hawaii. Label on her blouse. Jiggling muscles.

iPhone 192/365 Brand NEW

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  1. k in the southwest

    Hi you two! I’ve been away from computers for awhile, but I’m finally caught up on all the great shows. You two are wonderful! I laugh so much I literally cry.
    Yes, more cooking shows please (after the wedding, of course 🙂 ) You two should get that gig on the Food Network…I wish I was a producer…that show would be a winner for sure!
    DaBell…you’re voice is sooooo sultry! You definitely should do more live shows and pursue a career using your speaking voice somehow. Your English is really very much better than you think! And Ding, keep singing! You floor me every time 🙂

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