DingDaBell #37 Wild College Days

by | May 6, 2009 | Podcast | 4 comments

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Wild days of our college years. Check out what Ding and DaBell were like in college.


  1. BoMiaSi

    I love this show, please continue doing it. I am waiting for the show from Japan. You both are so natural and funny. Thanks for everything. Gambate kudasai!

  2. Dabell


    Thanks for your comment. So are you Japanese? or you are living in Japan?
    I am so glad that we have another new listener! 😀
    I will let Ding know that we had a such a nice words from you!
    If you have any questions to us, please write us back anytime~


  3. Jake

    I like this podcast alot! you guys are funny. I am interested in hearing more about you guys and your funny experiences. YOROSHIKU!!!

  4. Ding

    Hi Jake. Thanks for your comment.
    If you would like to hear anything specific, please leave your comment or send us an email at dingdabell at gmail.com. We’ll be happy to answer you on the show. Just remember, we pre-recorded shows. It will take sometimes a month or two, but we’ll answer all questions.
    Where are you from, how did you find out about the show, write us! Thanks.

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