Thank you Kichigai Mom

by | Apr 23, 2009 | Photos, Videos | 2 comments

A dear listener from Hawaii sent me this lovely package. The cute and personal stuffed dolls. It’s so meaningful that I have to go through them one by one on in HD.
Thank you Kichigai Mom. SO MUCH!!

Check out the pictures that I just uploaded too.


  1. Dabell

    THANK YOUUUUUUUUU@ Kichigai Mom!!! I really LOVE your gifts! Sooo sweeet!
    Someday, we are coming to Hawaii to see you and your kids, if you guys dont mind:-D So Ding, I want to taste the Hawaiian coffee as well, you know how much I love coffee, right? heh heh,
    Kichigai Mom, you are very talented making all dolls! Sooo cute! Do you have any business selling your dolls? If yes, I would like to check and see your website:-D
    I bet my friends will LOVE them:-D Thank you again~ You definitely made our day!

  2. Kichigai Mom

    Hi Ding and Da Bell,

    Boy – was I shocked to see Ding’s video and all of the Flickr photos! You are both so sweet and it was our pleasure to send you the box of goodies. You know how our whole family loves listening to your podcast and the kids have even stopped grumbling about Ding’s burping! I guess that shows how devoted they are to you.

    I don’t have a website. I do have a new blog but I mentioned the show a lot on my old blog. I haven’t had a chance to write about it since I started a new job but I’ll definitely write about it now.

    I don’t have a business but just make the dolls for the Professor and the Diva’s school fair every year and I am going to start selling them at the Gift Shop where I work. Since I don’t know how to use a sewing machine, I have to sew everything by hand and it takes me a while to make one. Some people have asked me if I’d like to sell them at their shops but because I can’t crank out a lot, I have passed. I just prefer making them for my family and my favorite friends like you both!

    Mostly, I do special requests where people will ask me to make a doll for someone. They will tell me a little about the person and I will design a doll and write the story about them. Sometimes, it is really touching. I made some dolls for the 100th Battalion WWII veterans’ fundraiser and named them after the soldiers who received the Medal of Honor. I wrote a story and included information about the battle for which the soldier was awarded the Medal. Two of the dolls were purchased by people who gave them to the surviving families of these soldiers. I also did one for a friend whose father passed away.

    Sorry Ding but you have to give DaBell her goshujin!!! I’ve got your own goshujin (and you) on the way. Should I include buttholes on those too?

    Love from your crazy Hawaii fans!!!

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