DingDaBell #28 Voices

by | Mar 4, 2009 | Podcast | 4 comments

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Joanna stopped by for a visit. We talked about how we like and dislike our own voices.


  1. k in the southwest

    OMG you two! Talk about laughing therapy – this is it for sure.
    DaBell – your voice is lovely. Keep talking!
    Ding – tell Joanna next time she visits she’ll have to stay in a hotel.
    Is she related to Madge by any chance?!

  2. Ding

    Thanks K!

    No, Madge and Joanna are not related. As far as I can tell. We’ll ask her next time when she comes visit.

  3. Kichigai Mom

    Oh my Buddha – we haven’t downloaded this episode yet since our laptop with ITunes is broken. Did you bring Joanna back since it is the Jewish holiday of Purim? I an already hear Da Bell laughing whenever Joanna speaks.

    I have Chai and Girl’s present sitting on my table. We will send it next next week when the Professor, the Diva and the Mad Cow are on vacation from school.

    Please please please since Happy Birthday for the Professor and the Diva as they are turning 11 on March 20th! We would LOVE a beautiful Ding song but you can let Joanna sing a little bit too.

  4. Dabell

    Thanks for the comments:-))
    K in the southwest, you are very sweet~~ Thank youuuu

    Kichigai Mom,
    Hopefully I and Ding will travel to Hawaii to see all your family~
    We will definitely video our trip~ Can not wait~

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