DingDaBell #27 Fu Is Smelly?

by | Feb 25, 2009 | Podcast | 2 comments

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Ding and DaBell discusses strange and weird habits, besides laughing histerically at everything.


  1. pinoyboy

    I love stink too… like fish sauce, soy sauce, kimchi (radish and cabbage), and fermented black beans.

    DaBell, since Ding is your bitchy power recharging sister is going to be at your wedding… maybe you should make him wear 留め袖 (とめそで) [tomesode].

  2. Dabell

    Hahaha! You like stink too? When you guys are coming over to KC again, we will go eat something ” stinky”, or I and Ding will come to see you.. well, after we saved a lot of money though… haha.

    Yeah, Tomesode!! Well, our wedding will be very classic American style, so maybe at
    2nd party( suppose to be only friends and fun fun fun)! I can not believe that our wedding ceremony is coming up very soon! WOW! I HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHTS!!!!

    Pinoyboy, thank you for listening our show! We really appreciate your support!
    I promise to cook the Fried Pork( TonKatsu) when we see each other again!

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