DingDaBell #25 Going to Japan

by | Feb 10, 2009 | Podcast | 8 comments

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DaBell just visited Japan and Ding is preparing to visit Japan. Find out what DaBell did and what will Ding do in Japan.


  1. Kenix

    I always love the Japanese. The food, culture, people, everything. It would be great if you will have traditional Japanese wedding ceremony as well because I would love to witness that. Imagine how cute both of you will be in the kimono =P

  2. Ding

    I don’t think there’s enough fabric to build a kimono for my fat ass.

  3. pinoyboy

    Oh Ding, you’d be better off in a Hanbook; it drapes nicely like a big flowing man-dress. Wearing it you will be able to hide your fat, eat all you want, and will bring you closer to being KOREAN.

  4. BoBoBoy

    I love ding and THE bell! i listened every episodes of it…..i love it…

  5. Ding

    Pinoyboy, I think I like your idea.

    BoBoBoy, thanks very much.

  6. Dabell

    Thanks for all comments! I enjoy our recording as well!
    Japan is wonderful place to be! Yes, Great food and we have wonderful
    mixed cultures now! We will talk more about Japan in our show!

  7. motoleng

    Dabell nice to meet u … i like a show 🙂

  8. Chris

    You guys are so funny! Congratulation to DaBell on tying the knot. This is actually the first DingDaBell podcast I listened to so will try to catch up on you guys retrospectively. Yes, I’ve just subscribed on my iTunes and it’s downloading all the way to the first episodes!

    Ding must be so excited preparing for Japan. Don’t forget to check out the Gyaru and GyaruO in Shibuya who are famous for their unique fashion. And oh yah, the red light district in Shinjuku where the male hosts walk the street attracting customers. And also the cosplayers in Harajuku! You can even wear your Yukata and join in the fun!

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