DingDaBell #18 Miss Haruka

by | Dec 24, 2008 | Podcast | 6 comments

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Happy Merry Christmas. Miss Haruka comes visit this holiday season. Hope you’ll laugh with us throughout this holiday season. This episode made me laugh SO MUCH! Hope you will too.


  1. wiwiwawa

    Yeah… I am the one who listen ur show on the christmas eve………haha

  2. wiwiwawa

    just finish listening to the show…. my god, i laugh like a xiao kia…… haha

  3. k in the southwest

    Laughing therapy…that was the best holiday present I’ve received! My sides literally felt split. My back hurt. My lungs ached. And my mood lightened just in time for the family interface. THANK YOU!

  4. Siao Char Bo

    season’s greeting to ding, da bell and all listeners. love this podcast especially words of dabell =) keep up the good work.

  5. The Professor, the Diva, the Mad Cow and Mom

    Happy holidays Ding and Da Bell from your favorite family in Hawaii. We were listening to your holiday show the day after Christmas and counted only one Ding Burp!!! We did not have electricity last night since the power went off across our island (Oahu) for 12 hours. So, we listened to the Ayano and Miss Haruka podcast again. We were watching Da Bell make tonkatsu while we were eating chicken curry katsu we bought from Whole Foods (it was the only thing warm since we couldn’t cook anything since our stove is electric).

    We think there is a mix up about us. We are four different people so we are going to tell you about us:

    Mad Cow – I am a 5 year old boy I like your show because Ding and Da Bell like to eat a lot of rice and Korean food.

    The Professor – I am a 10 year old boy. I like the show because it is funny and because you mention us in it! I like Pokemon. I think the Jewish voice of Joanna was so funny even though I couldn’t understand what you were saying. My mom was laughing since she said you sounded just like my Dad’s family.

    The Diva is a 10 year old girl and she is the Professor’s twin. She is in a coma on the couch playing Nintendo DS so she doesn’t want to say anything.

    Our Mom is Jayne who wrote to you a while ago. The one who looks like Margaret Cho just like Ding. She put Ding on her list of top ten Asian men on her blog and told her friends to listen to the show.

    Our Dad doesn’t know how to use an iPod or iPhone so he doesn’t listen to the show. He sounds like Joanna too but he does not think he has an accent. He thinks he can pass for a person from Hawaii like us.

    We love your show and the video too. Our Mom is listening to Ding’s other podcast but she said we cannot listen to it since it’s too grown up for us. Oh well.

    Akemashite Omedetoo Gozaimasu from your number one fans!

  6. Ding

    Oh I just realized that you’re all different people!
    That makes DaBell and I having more listeners! Yay.
    Yes, listen to your mom, don’t listen to my other podcast until you’re older.

    Wiwiwawa, thanks for listening.

    K, I’m so glad our silliness isn’t just stupid! 😀

    Thanks Siao Char Bo for checking out this podcast.

    Happy Christmas. And There’ll also be a new episode for the New Year!

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