DingDaBell #1 Laughing Therapy

by | Aug 20, 2008 | Podcast | 6 comments

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First episode of Ding da Bell. Introducing our podcast. How the idea of the show came about. Laughing therapy.


  1. chew

    support support.
    listening now…

  2. Ding

    Kam siah vely much. ;D

  3. Archerr

    Loved it! Can’t wait for more. You guys certainly got your laugh therapy!

  4. chew

    20mins is not enough!
    Love that when DaBell slipped out some japanese hahaha
    Great job you guys!
    can’t wait for the next show!

  5. DaBell

    Hi Everybody~! Thank you for all of your comments! We totally enjoy our show and I am so glad that we can share our laughter! HAHAHA:-D

  6. Braxis

    Wow, great job;)

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