3 thoughts on “DingDaBell #84 English Word is So Difficult”

  1. Like Da Bell says… “If you don’t have it, where will you go??” Ding scared me with his spooky “help” noise. OMG… Ding is a cheap whore!! I predict that the word of the Bell means…. ummmm…. ahhhh… touch by base??? Ummmm…. Ding is three point oh. OMG… Da Bell is trying to speak Mexican!! Now Ding is three point one… Ewww… beer and milk? That’s a “K” sound… DA BELL CAN DISTINGUISH BETWEEN COFFEE AND COPY!!!!!!!!

    No rice in the soup… Ding is not craving cheese cake, but feels obligated to mention a hundred da-ding-ding weight. Da Bell says she is pretty much committed to it. Full meat.

    Ten-five-ten is not difficult at home but it is good at work, according to Da Bell.

    OK here is the word of Da Bell: “Touch by base” (as in ” to touch base with you…”) Never would have guessed it.

    Ding and Da Bell… I love you two…

    El for lema lema.

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