3 thoughts on “DingDaBell #67 Ding’s Birthday”

  1. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY DING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You and the Bell sound so good singing together. I forget, but do you both sing in the same Church choir? I think I heard you say so once. I want to hear you two sing more in future episodes!

  2. Toppie Smellie, thanks for listening our show and thanks again for the sweet comment:) I truly LOVE singing with Ding and wish that I can sign with him more! but he is the picky one, so I have to wait until he will be in the” mood” of singing with me. hahaha. Well, out listeners liked our singing, we might do more:-D Also, when Ding graduated, I joined the university concert choir, so we did not sing together. However, we did sing at our culture night( college event). We sung two songs from Cinderella. It was SOOOO FUN!!

    awwww, thank you for the sweet comment:) I really do enjoy singing as well:) I did so much Karaoke in Japan! hahaha

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